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There are many places to visit near Toftaholm Herrgård. Here we present a selection of things to see and experience during your stay with us. For more information, please refer to www.visit-smaland.com or www.visit-varnamo.com.

Ännu fler tips hittar du på www.visitsmaland.se alternativt www.visitvarnamo.se

The Museum of Legends in Ljungby

The Museum of Legends in Ljungby (Sagomuseet) brings the verbal storytelling tradition of our country to life. Here you can visit troll mountains, holy wells, ruined castles, dragon treasure, magic trees and manor houses with ghosts! A fun and exciting museum for all the family. Discover the museum on your own or join a storyteller around the museum and listen to exciting stories.
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The Ljungberg Museum

The Ljungberg Museum in Ljungby shows many of Sven Ljungberg’s and Ann-Margret Dahlquist-Ljungberg’s drawings, paintings, graphics and books. Every year, one or more big exhibitions are staged in cooperation with other art museums.
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Museum Vandalorum

Vandalorum is an international art and design center with a strong regional connection. The goal is to offer experiences on multiple levels at once. Vandalorum is an art and design center for high-quality presentations and programs within these areas, and also for the overlapping area in between. Vandalorum is intended as a meeting place, for the local and regional as well as the national and international. Vandalorum has open every day between 11-17.
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Bruno Mathsson center

In Värnamo you can visit the Bruno Mathsson Centre. Bruno Mathsson (1907-1988) is among the 20th century’s foremost Swedish designers. In Sweden he is best known as the creator of many classic pieces of furniture, but he was also a successful architect. Study his pared down, elegant and timeless modern furniture design.
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“Furniture should withstand wear by the eye!” Be inspired by classic furniture design at Källemo Möbler on Växjövägen 30 in Värnamo. Open weekdays 9 am-4 pm, closed for lunch 12-1 pm. Guiding can be booked at Värnamo Turism.
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Apladalens open-air museum

Apladalen, located in the heart of Värnamo, is a living open-air museum with preserved old buildings and a barn with small animals – a tranquil oasis set in leafy greenery. There are footpaths winding their way through the greenery alongside Lagaån.
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Store Mosse National park

Go for a walk in Sweden’s biggest bog area south of Lapland. There are many northern species of plants and some birds from the Norrland bogs. If you’d like, you can try snowshoes on the bog (needs to be pre-booked), allowing you to walk in places you cannot normally pass. From Värnamo, take Road 151 towards Gnosjö to get to Store Mosse. A good, free map is available from the tourist office.
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The kingdom of crystal

The Kingdom of Crystal lies in the heart of Småland. Here the glass-blowers carry out their unique trade the way it has been done for hundreds of years in this region. Today, there are approx 15 Småland glassworks open all year round. Visit one of the glassworks and watch the glass-blowers shape the molten glass into beautiful crystal and colourful pieces of art.
Design, quality and handicraft have made Swedish glass world famous. The latest collections are shown in exhibitions at many of the glassworks. Don’t miss the newly renovated Småland Museum in Växjö with Northern Europe’s biggest collection of glass.
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The furniture design centre

The most interesting areas of design companies in Northern Europe are in the Lammhult region. At the Furniture Design Centre you will find designer furniture in 13,000 m2 of exhibition area in shops such as Svenssons, Norrgavel and Nilssons. The internationally known design company Lammhults Möbler is also here. In Värnamo you will also find Källemo and the Bruno Mathsson Centre.
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