Fishing in the lake Vidöstern

Fiske i Vidöstern

Combine your stay at Toftaholm Herrgård with some fishing! Lake Vidöstern is one of the bigger lakes in Småland. At 22 km in length, it stretches from Värnamo in the north to Dörarp/Vittaryd in the south and is part of the Laganån water system.

Vidöstern offers good fishing for pike, pike-perch and perch and is suitable for spinning or trolling, though long line and net are also permitted. The lake also offers good waters for anglers who like to fish for bream, roach, burbot, lavaret, vendace, tench and eel.

There are varied soundings for the lake with clearly marked shoals to make it safer to drive a boat, as well as good ramp systems at both ends of the lake and in the middle. Most of the lake has a sandy bottom, which means that there are many nice swimming and picnic areas along the shore of the lake and on the islands.

The islands of Färjansö and Långö are nature reserves, and special consideration must be given to the nature and animal life, for example, it is prohibited to go ashore on Långö during the birds’ breeding season.

For more information, visit the homepage of svenskafiskevatten (Swedish fishing waters) or call us and we’ll tell you more!